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"I feel like I've kind of gotten to a peaceful place in my heart."

Chiyo. 22 years old. Your capricious yet friendly neighbor. Likes to cook and draw, this site is almost a sanctuary for reblogging whatever pleases.

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Relationships and the INTJ


LOVE IS: Finding someone to share their vision of the world, their path through life, making each day better in every way than the last.

FALLS IN LOVE: With their head first. INTJs bring a lot of depth, creativity and intensity and insight to their relationships.

FALLS OUT OF LOVE: If they have decided it is the right thing to do, INTJs are able to leave a relationship when it’s over.

INTIMACY: Their natural creativity and intensity can shine through in the INTJ’s sexual life. They may need to be more verbally expressive with their partner.

COMMITMENT: Seeks a lifelong, committed relationship. By nature INTJs are ‘improvers’ always keen to make their relationships better.

MOST SATISFIED WITH: A partner who allows them the independence to achieve their goals, and one who appreciates their ability to offer creative solutions to problems.

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INTJ personality type traits

SEES SELF: as someone who must keep on improving knows they know, and knows what they don’t know.

OVERRIDING NEED: independence and perfection in those things that interest them.

IRRITATED BY: people who pry too much into their private world, lack of commitment and imagination from others, too much supervision.

STRENGTHS: can organise ideas into action, work to remove all obstacles to goal attainment, have a strong vision of what is achievable.

SEEN BY OTHERS: as unflappable and self-reliant to a point of being intimidating, difficult to know.

DECIDES on the basis on what seems fair, may decide sometimes too quickly but willing to back track and reassess.

IRRITATES OTHERS BY: by been too demanding, too task-focused and taking too many things for granted.

CHALLENGES: may appear so unyielding that others are afraid to challenge them, may have difficulty letting go of impractical ideas.

The INTJ is also known as The Mastermind, The Scientist or The Conceptualiser Director.

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