River Flows in You
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"I feel like I've kind of gotten to a peaceful place in my heart."

Chiyo. 22 years old. Your capricious yet friendly neighbor. Likes to cook and draw, this site is almost a sanctuary for reblogging whatever pleases.

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ATTENTION: if you see a post like this, IT IS A SCREAMER. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK.
The screamer includes a black and white flashy gif maximized to fit your browser and a very loud piercing screech noise. If in any way this can trigger you, please be aware and reblog to signal boost.

thankyou ohmygod a friend linked me this literally 2 minutes ago and i was about to click it and i would’ve had a seizure you saved my life ohmygod im so grateful

Just in case I have any followers with epilepsy like myself. Stay safe!

I love seeing my followers reblog this! This is fucking awful. And when we say you saved our lives? Let me explain. 2x the number of people that die from breast cancer each year die from having seizures. So yeah, it’s a fucking big deal. So thank you all so much! Everyone, please signal boost!

What type of person would do that? It’s extremely dangerous! Especially those with seizure related medical conditions!
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